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The world health organization recommends exclusive breast feeding until the infant reaches 6 months.

Toilet training tips

Growing out of nappies is a learning process whereby children have to learn to control their urge to go to the toilet. No one is born with this ability. It is a ...

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My baby cries when I go out

It is not easy to go to work or elsewhere, leaving your baby crying because you go out. However, this is a stage that all children pass through and your main go ...

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What makes babies laugh?

A baby's smile is a magic moment that all parents are looking forward to seeing, but you will have to wait around four or five months to see your baby properly ...

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At Laboratorios Ordesa we provide a wide range of high quality products to satisfy the needs of infants and babies. From here you can find the product that better suits the age, stage and characteristics of your baby and find the flavor and texture with which you will certainly make him happy. Bon appétit!