Stimulate him with your hands: infant massage

Infant massage

The arrival of a baby is a joyous experience that is also full of uncertainty. You are minimally familiar with the baby and you have yet to understand each of his reactions. However, you can help him relax and feel better in a simple manner--with your hands. Discover a few guidelines in mastering infant massage techniques. 

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  • The ability to improve his comfort is in your hands

    A 15-minute massage each day can improve the well-being of your baby. Aside from stimulating the baby, infant massages offer a number of benefits. You, your partner, or the two of you together can perform them as of the first few weeks after birth. However, avoid the abdominal area until the umbilical cord has fallen off.

    What are the benefits? Infant massage helps with digestion and the elimination of gases, promotes intestinal transit, calms teething pain, and improves muscular coordination, mobility and flexibility, among other benefits. A number of clinical studies have confirmed that infant massages soothe babies and make them feel safe, promote their physical and psychological development, and they are a way of establishing contact and expressing affection in order to strengthen the emotional bond with parents.

    For this reason, pediatricians and midwives recommend caressing your baby by means of 15-minute massages each day. This is a very special moment for sharing and motivating your newborn! 

  • Ten benefits of infant massage

     Psychological and emotional

    1. Strengthens emotional bonds with parents.
    2. Increases the baby's awareness of his body parts.


    1. Helps mature and regulate the gastrointestinal system.
    2. Improves digestion and alleviates discomfort such as colic and constipation.
    3. Has a relaxing and calming effect against nightmares, teething discomfort, etc.
    4. Tones and strengthens muscles.
    5. Stimulates the respiratory and immune systems.
    6. Promotes a better development of the nervous system.
    7. Activates blood circulation and boosts the oxygen levels that reach tissues.
    8. The friction produced by hand movements on the skin helps remove dead skin cells. 

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