Taking care of your toddler


Your toddler is a box of surprises as he advances day by day. Despite a slowing down of growth during this stage, his needs and demands do not stop. We will attempt to give you some advice on taking care of him, but do seek advice from your pediatrician, as he will know you both better.

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  • Habits that must be taught


    It is very important to instill in your child a set of hygiene habits. He must learn that he is to wash his hands before eating, brush his teeth afterwards (no need to use toothpaste yet), and take a daily bath. If your toddler is a boy, we recommend starting retracting the foreskin during bath time, but again seek advice from you pediatrician, who will give you a professional opinion on this matter.


    Maintaining regular schedules (for eating, sleeping, bathing, etc) helps foster a sense of security in the child and also helps them sleep properly. We recommend an afternoon nap.

    When the baby outgrows his crib, or if he reaches a stage where there is danger of him jumping over, you should switch to a bed, but with a rail or similar protection in order to avoid him falling off whilst sleeping.


    When your child starts learning to walk, you will have to buy adequate shoes that adapt to his feet and which are not too tight, if possible made out of a flexible and light material that allows the feet to breathe. There is no need for them to cover the ankle. Remember that your baby's foot will grow at a fast rate of approximately half a number every 2 to 3 months until the age of two. So don't buy him too many shoes, as he will quickly outgrow them.

    Accident prevention

    Keep small objects away from your baby, such as buttons, coins, and as well as sharp objects, balloons, and plastic bags.

    • Never leave your child alone at home or in an unsupervised room.
    • Place protection on the corners of furniture and use antiskid tape for mats and carpets.
    • Avoid using a baby walker.
    • Be very careful with toxic products, such as medicine, cleaning products, perfumes, etc.
    • Watch the access to high places, such as windows, terraces, and stairs, as well as places with water, such as swimming pools.
    • Keep a good eye on your child when you are out and about to avoid falls or losing him.

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