Your toddler will continue growing and will get over the upsets common to earlier stages, but at the same time he will discover new ones. We will give you some advice on detecting them and helping improve his well-being, but remember that in these cases it is essential to visit you paediatrician. He is the true specialist in babies and toddlers!

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    Colds and runny nose

    Children catch colds easily. The clearest symptom, apart from sneezing, is a runny nose followed by yellowish or greenish snot. Apart from any advice your paediatrician gives you, you can combat colds using the following tricks:

    • Hydrate your baby with milk, water, and juices.
    • If he loses appetite, this might be because congestion does not allow him to breathe normally when eating.
    • Wipe his nose and you can also clear it using a saline solution. If the nasal secretion is thick, use a nasal aspirator.

    Nightly coughing

    This is another symptom of colds that hinders sleep and rest. Sometimes because of difficulty in breathing, the baby accumulates snot which he ends up throwing up.

    What can you do to make his cold more comfortable?

    • If he coughs a lot or breathes with difficulty, keep an eye on him just in case he throws up.
    • Make him sleep on his side to avoid choking if he is sick.
    • When they are a little older, you can place a pillow to elevate their head. This will help them breathe better, which will allow them to sleep.

    Hay fever

    It tends to appear under the guise of a cold that lasts longer than usual. The symptoms Eye irritation, frequent sneezing and a runny nose. Check for other symptoms that may have gone unnoticed: If he sneezes with dust, flowers, or domestic pets you should seek advice from your paediatrician because it might be a case of allergy. 

    Some recommendations:

    • Visit your paediatrician so that he may analyse the situation.
    • Clear the dust from your child's room by cleaning objects with warm water or special liquids appropriate for furniture and domestic pets.
    • Use cleaners and air purifiers with high-efficiency filters for particles (HEPA).
    • Once a month clean the filters of the heating and air conditioning systems, if you have any.
    • Air the bedroom every day and reduce as much as possible the levels of ambient humidity. It is best to keep it below 50%. You can use a dehumidifier.
    • Make sure people don't smoke close to your child, and avoid areas that are full of smoke.
    • Clean the mattress frequently and use mite-repellent covers.
    • Change the curtains and mats for versions that can be rolled up.
    • Don't allow your child to sleep with teddy bears or cushions

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