Learning to speak and a lot more

Mental development

From now on your baby will start to talk non-stop. Despite a limited vocabulary, she will understand the vast majority of what you say and she will never tire of learning new things. The development of language is of great help when socializing with people and other toddlers, and this will be a good preparation her for preschool years.

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  • A little talker

    At 15 months of age

    Her vocabulary tends to be between 3 and 6 words, and she is able to understand simple orders. She will begin pointing at the body parts and will communicate with you using gestures and sounds. She might already eat alone and be able to use a spoon. She will also probably imitate some of the tasks you carry out.

    At 18 months of age

    Their vocabulary grows to 10 to 15 words. At this stage babies have their own personal language and are able to follow simple orders. They are also able to point at 2 or 3 parts of the body and become absorbed in books that contain pictures. By this time they usually eat alone, are good at using the spoon, and drink directly from their cup. They also kiss and hug, and might already be able to take off one or two pieces of clothing.

    At 2 years of age

    Their vocabulary has grown to 20 to 50 words. They are even able to construct simple sentences with 2 or 3 words and a verb, as well as use pronouns (I, you, my), and this helps them communicate information. What else might they be able to do at this stage? You might find they dance to the rhythm of the music, know up to four parts of the body, put on and take off their shoes, socks, trousers, and wash their hands. In their relationship with other children, they probably watch others play but without interacting. It is also possible that they are able to remain dry during the day.

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