Let's go for the second year!

Motor development

After her first birthday your baby will start adding a whole range of movements, actions, and expressions to her repertoire. Each day that goes by she will be more independent, as well as get better at controlling her movements and her strength. Also, she will have plenty of energy as well as a great curiosity to explore the world. The net result is no end of fun for him... and for you!

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  • A decrease in the growth rate

    Although the growth rhythm of your baby slows down overall, the muscles of his legs and arms grow and lose fat and water. At this stage, some children gain weight and others lose weight. It all depends on their biological rhythm and on how much they move about.

    From the age of 15 months onwards...

    Your child will be able to walk quite well, as well as climb up the stairs on all fours, bend down, and get up without supporting himself. He will also start favouring one of his two hands for doing things and will throw less things on the floor. He is now able to build towers that are 2 to 3 blocks tall and draw lines. He will even imitate you!

    At 18 months of age

    He is able to climb the stairs by holding to your hand. He will also run, although still a bit clumsily, and will jump with both feet. He is now able to kick a ball without falling down and he will push all his toys around the house. His towers are by now 3 to 4 blocks high and in his drawings you can see an attempt to imitate some of the shapes you draw. He will begin looking at books, but will turn 2 or 3 pages at a time.

    At 2 years of age

    She is an all-round champion: She is able to climb up and down the stairs with no help. She runs with ease, picks up objects without falling down in the process, and her towers are 5 or 6 cubes high. She is able to imitate horizontal and vertical straight lines in her drawings, and finally she is able to turn the pages from her books one by one. 

    Development of teeth

    From age 13 to 24 months the teeth will have appeared in stages: First the lower and upper canines and then the lower molar and upper molar.

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