Potty training

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Potty training is a challenge that babies and parents must face. Pediatricians usually recommend to progressively potty train children as of the age of 24 months. You are a key part of this process of change and stimulation, so here are a few suggestions!

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    • Babies will begin to voluntarily control their stimuli as of 15 months. First they realize that they have soiled their diaper. Little by little, they will tell you that they need to go to the bathroom, but they will be unable to reach the toilet on time. With time, they will begin to control the stimulus and reach the toilet on time.
    • Purchase a comfortable and fun potty and have the child sit on it for a little while (for example, after each meal).
    • Remember to congratulate your child when it has reached the potty on time and he has been able to control his stimuli. Excessive praise should be avoided, along with scolding if the child has been unsuccessful. First the child must learn, and even though the process is difficult, success will be reached sooner than expected.
    • As of the age of 24 months, you should progressively have your child get into the habit of using the toilet.

    These are general guidelines, and your baby may move faster or slower. Everyone has their own pace, and they are all perfect!

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