First days at school


Most children of this age start going or already go to nursery school. Although nursery school is a place for learning, interacting with other children and having fun, it is also a change that requires getting used to (by you and your child!). Therefore, you must encourage your child to face this new endeavor with eagerness and a positive attitude. If children are happy about going to nursery school, they will enjoy it more! 

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  • The end of summer...

    Once vacation is over, we must go back to our daily routines. Although this is stressful for adults, it is also difficult for children who have enjoyed a period of time with our full dedication and care. All of a sudden, they are no longer the center of attention since we must also focus on errands, buying back-to-school clothes and materials, and getting their shots up to date. And to top it all off, they now have to leave our side!

    The nursery school adjustment period

    This is a short process that lasts one or two weeks in which you must be by their side. If it is their first time, children will notice a major change since they will go from being at home with their family to sharing everything with other children and adults they are not familiar with. Give your child time, confidence and understanding.

    You can help much more than you think! Follow our advice and if you have any questions, please consult your pediatrician.

    Getting ready for back-to-school

    • Help children assimilate the situation by explaining a few days in advance that they will go to school and meet other children of the same age and have a lot of fun.
    • Visit the nursery school during the open house day to become familiar with the environment and also to meet the teachers together with your child.
    • Whenever possible, participate in the adjustment period at the beginning of the school year. Stay a little while with your child in class, play with them and progressively shorten this time from day to day. It may also be helpful for your child to take a toy or stuffed animal that helps them remain calm. Consult with the teacher.
    • Convey optimism and joy when talking about nursery school.
    • Keep a positive attitude about back-to-school instead of focusing the matter as a separation or stating how much you will miss the child.
    • If you accompany your child to the door, speak with their tutor/instructor, and participate in their school life, they will feel more confident and integrated.
    • When talking to your child, ask them about their day, the games they played and any other items that come to mind.
    • Children usually cry the first few days when you say goodbye. Be strong and avoid showing insecurity or concern. The two of you will be together again in a few hours!
    • When dropping off your child at school with their teacher, a quick goodbye is advisable. Say goodbye decisively, smile, and leave. As soon as your child no longer sees you, any anxiety will likely disappear.

    It is important to be patient. Children have their own pace and adjustment period, but they will certainly adapt quickly.

    Benefits and effects of nursery school

    Nursery school offers extremely beneficial aspects for babies. This is where they begin to interact with other children, learn how to share things, see other examples from which to learn how to go to the toilet or eat alone (if they do not do so already), and other new items, such as the world of words, numbers and colors.

     They will also learn values such as respect, responsibility, organization, independence and sharing. Remember that you should also foster these values at home!

     Welcome to this new adventure. 

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