Recommendations for taking care of your baby


Taking care of your baby is the art of mastering routines. Try to carry them out always at the same time. This will give them a sense of security and make them feel calm and will help you organize your activities.

  • Healthy habits


    This is the most special moment of contact and fun of the day that takes place between you and your child. You should make a routine out of bathing and make sure that the water is at an adequate temperature, not too hot or too cold, and that the setting is pleasant. You can end the bath by giving your baby a relaxing massage.


    It is highly recommendable, since the sun's rays help synthesise vitamin D, which is essential for the child's growth and the correct mineralization of the bones. Take advantage of sunny days, but always controlling the temperature and exposure time. In the summer months avoid the hours of maximum solar intensity by taking the stroll towards the end of the day or first thing in the morning, whereas in winter it is best to make the most of moments when the temperature is highest, such as midday.


    If you buy one for your baby, make sure it is made from one single piece, as well as sterilise it each time it falls on the floor. Dummies help pacify and comfort your baby, but you should monitor its use and not allow them to fall asleep with the dummy's chain around their neck.


    From the third month onwards the baby's sleep rhythms become more regular. This happens because they learn to distinguish between night and day, and tend to then sleep more during the night.

    The bedroom:

    At 4 months of age it is recommended that you give your baby their own bedroom in order to avoid some of the disorders that can arise from sleeping in your bed. The bedroom should be comfortable, have plenty of light and be well-ventilated, as well as be cheerfully decorated in accordance with their age.

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