Stimulate your baby’s… sight

Stimulate him

Newborns can discern objects with strong contrasts (such as black and white) but not their shapes. After the two-month milestone, they begin seeing primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and they can sometimes become cross-eyed while trying to focus or set their gaze on you. In the meantime, you can stimulate their vision with small activities! 

  • Attraction to familiar faces

    A baby can focus at a distance of 25 to 30 cm, which is perfect for recognizing his parents' faces when held. This means that placing colored cubes, stuffed animals or other types of toys at a distance of 50 cm will help improve the baby's focus.

    Have you ever noticed your baby's fascination with faces, especially with smiling ones? He can spend a good deal of time gazing at a family member's face. Try it out! Look at your baby and smile. Talk to him slowly and in a happy tone. You can also have your baby follow you with his gaze.

    What's important is to stimulate your baby!

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