A new stage of care


After spending so much time together you are sure to know what your baby needs at each moment. But each new stage opens a door to new needs. We will show you the most important ones and give you some advice. Remember that each baby is a world of its own. Nobody knows your child better than you do.

  • Things to keep in mind


    After the sixth month, it is common for the baby to have acquired a sleeping rhythm, which is of around 11 to 12 hours and is mostly at night. Not all babies are the same, so you will have to respect the rhythm of yours, and at this age it is common for babies to wake up a few times during the night.


    Have any teeth appeared? If so, you can start brushing them with a toothbrush using only water. If your baby is a boy, you should check for phimosis. During the first year of life it is considered normal, so you will not need to do anything, as the skin is tightly adjusted and you may harm it if you try pulling it back. All you need to do at this stage is clean it superficially. That will be sufficient.


    After spending the first six months playing with his body parts, from now on your baby will show an active interest in objects. She will find colours and shapes more attractive than previously and will pick up objects, look at them and handle them, and each day with more skill. Choose toys that are suited to the physical characteristics and age of your baby, as well as those that will improve their senses and encourage motor development and the ability to imitate.

    Accident prevention

    Your baby will crawl, move about, and might even begin to stand up. At the same time their curiosity becomes awakened. Keep a good eye on your baby and do not let her alone, even if you think they are in a safe place.

    Don't let your baby pick up very small objects

    She might swallow them or put them in her nose or ears. As the movements of your child increase, you will have to prevent her from crawling or walking with sharp objects in her mouth and keep the area clear of small objects. Protect sockets and make sure all cables are in good condition.

    Be especially careful in the kitchen.

    Never cook whilst holding your baby in your arms, use the flames that are further away from where you stand and position the handles of pots and pans away from you. In the bathroom, place all cleaning products and medicine at sufficient height. The basic rule is never to leave your child unattended. Prevention is always better than cure!

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