A new gesture every day

Motor development

During this stage of development the baby becomes more autonomous. They get better at controlling their movements and start using new postures, as well as try out gestures and expressions, all of which will serve as training for their next steps. Follow his development and have a good time, the both of you!

  • A stage full of surprising changes

    Already 7 months old!

    Generally speaking, by the age of 7 months they will begin to keep upright in a sitting position for longer periods of time, as well as try to keep their heads upright. They also learn to roll, turn over by themselves, sit down, and turn around. They are now ready to sit down in their high chair for meals, as they are able to keep upright without help.

    Your baby is able to pick up objects. They will look at them over and over and bring them to their mouth. They are even able to pick up two things at a time, one in each hand, or use their thumb and index finger as pincers.

    At this age their first teeth start to appear, first their lower central incisors, then their upper central incisors, and finally upper and lower lateral teeth.

    8 months

    At this stage your baby will begin crawling on the floor and will try to get up and walk on her limbs. For many, this is a prelude to walking on all fours, whereas other babies will skip this stage completely and move on directly to the walking stage.

    9 months and counting

    Going through all these stages of new movements and exercises will prepare your baby for movements that will be necessary later on, as well as contribute to the improvement of the coordination of the body. Nevertheless, some babies do not walk on all fours simply because they do not need to, although it is recommended as part of their learning curve.

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