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At this age, the baby does not yet walk. However, it is very important to help your baby move so his crawls can evolve into his first steps in subsequent stages. As a result, it is very important to focus on the development of the baby's feet, provide appropriate footwear and motivate the child with stimulating exercises. 

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    Although shoes served as decorative elements and protection against the cold and humidity during the first six months of the baby's life, they become more important as of the seventh month. At this point, the baby will begin to move around and take his first steps. Appropriate footwear will give the baby confidence and stability when learning to walk.

    First, though, it is important to stimulate crawling barefoot at home, in the sand at the beach or in grass. This allows the baby to become aware of his body and improve his balance, and it also helps develop muscles, create the arch of the foot and improve circulation. In summary, this prepares the baby for his first steps.

    Some footwear suggestions

    • The right shoes must be comfortable for the child.
    • They must be light, flexible, and slightly longer and wider than the baby's foot in order to prevent chafing.
    • Choose natural fibers (leather or canvas) that allow the feet to breathe.
    • Shoes must adapt to the baby's feet, without squeezing them, and also provide warmth.
    • Choose footwear with closed, rounded toes and enough space for the toes. Ideally, the fronts should be reinforced in case the child stands on his toes.
    • Shoes must be tightened by means of laces, buckles or velcro, especially around the ankles (for example, flip-flops and clogs are not designed for walking).
    • The soles must be non-slip and have designs for a strong grip, and they must also be thin and soft for shock absorption and flexibility.
    • Reinforcements and seams inside shoes can cause chafing, so lined shoes are recommended. In the crawling stage, the backs of shoes must be reinforced (but without being too rigid) for stability in the baby's first steps.
    • In the beginning, you may have a hard time discerning the right shoe from the left one. This is normal since baby shoes are practically shapeless!

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