Learning how to eat together

Family meals

Once your baby is born, you learn most of the tricks aimed at ensuring he eats properly by means of breastfeeding, or when this is not possible, infant formula. However, what happens when solid food is introduced? A new challenge will appear: getting the baby to learn how to eat solid food with a spoon and, why not, together with the family!

  • It is important to establish habits that the baby recognizes and is comfortable with. And what habit could be more important than mealtime? Sitting down at the table together, eating, paying attention to the baby's needs and helping him when necessary. This is a way of involving and integrating the baby in family routines. It is also essential to be by the baby's side when it learns how to use a spoon. Here are some helpful suggestions.

    • In the beginning, feed your child baby food with a thin consistency and increase the thickness progressively. This will make it easier for your baby to become familiar with new textures and to learn how to chew.
    • Begin by feeding small quantities. Fill the spoon halfway, and only feed the baby two or three spoonfuls. Increase the amount progressively.
    • A spoon is another change in the baby's eating habits. The first time he is introduced, your baby may refuse to eat. Be patient and try again later, without forcing the baby.
    • Have the baby sit at the table with the rest of the family as soon as possible. This is the only way for the baby to learn mealtime habits. It will also feel that he forms an active part of the group.
    • In the beginning, let the baby touch the food with his hands. This will allow him to discover different textures and he will become increasingly familiar with the food. This is part of the learning process!

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