Step by step towards the baby's first birthday

Motor development

During this stage your baby will learn how to do many things, but without a doubt the most relevant will be his first steps. From the age 10 to 12 months you will be a witness to this amazing evolution that begins with the baby standing up and keeping upright and is followed by him walking without the need of your help. Help your baby take this big step, but also give him space to master it on his own.

  • Advancing towards his first birthday

    From the age of 10 months

    Your baby will be able to sit down without help. He will use objects and the wall as support to stand up on his own. His interest in toys will increase, especially those whose aim is to place objects inside other objects, and he will stop putting them in his mouth. He will also find out how much he enjoys throwing things against the floor to make noise and to then pick them up again.

    From the age of 11 months onwards

    Little by little your baby will learn how to get up and stand upright for a short while. The next stage will be to learn to walk a couple of steps. He will also point to things with his index finger, will be able to find hidden objects, and will start drinking from a cup.

    12 months

    Your baby is now one year old! Congratulations! He will probably be able to take a few steps. With your help, little by little he will feel more self-confident and this will help him start walking. But if he has still not started, do not worry. Each baby advances at a different pace.


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