Because the sun is for enjoyment

Enjoy the sun

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining on the horizon, you want to enjoy the blue sky from the comfort of the beach or a field, but always with your baby. As you know, it is not advisable for your baby to be directly under the sun's rays, but with a few precautions and special care, the situation can be managed accordingly! 

  • It's more fun to be outdoors

    Make the most of nice weather and enjoy it with your baby. Days at the beach or the pool, mountain outings or hikes through the fields... Simply take a few precautions to prevent skin damage from the sun's rays or dehydration from the heat.

    The sun contributes to the baby's development by helping him synthesize vitamin D, which promotes the growth of strong, healthy bones. This means that taking a short walk each day or spending some time outdoors will guarantee the recommended dose of sun, but remember to avoid peak temperature hours.

    Keep in mind that babies have fairly white skin since their production of melanin (the substance that protects us from the sun's rays) is still relatively low, resulting in very sensitive skin. 

  • Suggestions for enjoying the sun


    At the beach, it is advisable to dress the baby in white cotton (or linen) garments that cover his arms and legs as much as possible, while keeping him cool and protected. Avoid dark colors (they attract the sun's heat) and thick fabrics. It is also recommended to cover the baby's head with a visor or hat to prevent overheating.

    Stay in the shade

    Find a good piece of shade or bring your own beach umbrella. Beach umbrellas that filter the sun's rays are available, as well as other options such as special baby baskets equipped with sunshades or mosquito nets. When walking with the stroller, always keep the sunshade open.

    Sun creams

    Many sun creams are available for your baby's skin that contain substances that act as a solar filter and reduce the degree to which the sun's rays are able to reach the skin. When going on a walk, simply apply sun cream to the baby's face, arms and feet (as well as his legs, if exposed). At the beach, apply sun cream all over the baby's body. Test a small amount of the sun cream first to confirm that there are no allergic reactions.

    What is the right sun cream? Make sure that it offers UVA and UVB protection, that it is water resistant and has a high SPF (sun protection factor), and that it is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Every cream has a SPF that indicates its effectiveness at protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. A high (30-50) or very high (+50) factor must always be used with babies. If you have any questions, please consult a trusted pharmacist.

    How to apply it

    • On the face, hands and feet of babies.
    • In order for the cream to be effective, apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure.
    • Apply the cream to your baby's dry skin.
    • Use a generous amount and make sure that all areas have been reached, including the nose, nape, shoulders, ears and instep.
    • Reapply every two hours (or more frequently if necessary) since the solar filter will lose effectiveness as time passes.
    • Apply sun cream even if the weather is overcast since up to 90% of the sun's rays can still pass through the clouds.


    Babies lose liquids quickly in the sun and the heat, especially through sweating. As a result, you should have your baby drink water or juice on a continuous basis.

    Very important! All the sun cream suggestions that have been provided should also be taken into consideration in the snow, where the effects of excessive solar radiation must also be prevented.

    And now...enjoy the outdoors!

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