Welcome home!

The arrival

During your hospital stay, you will have the support of doctors, midwives and nurses. They will take care of you, prepare your meals, medicate you, help you bathe, etc. However, once you are at home again, it is normal for you to feel anxious and to find it difficult to handle all the chores and tasks. Remember that there is a tiny new person who needs all of your care. To do so, you will need the support of your partner and of family members. 

  • Suggestions for the return home!
    • Each baby and family is unique. This means that no two solutions are alike. Bit by bit, you'll get there!
    • During the first few days, it is normal for you to worry when you hear your baby cry and try to fulfill his needs and calm him as soon as possible. This will not always be the case, and little by little, the baby will stop crying and you will become much more familiar with it.
    • In the beginning, it is normal for the baby to cry frequently. This is the only way he is able to express if he is hungry, uncomfortable (if his diaper needs changing), tired, lonely, cold, sleepy or ill, etc.
    • Take your time with your child; you need to share intimate and emotional moments.
    • Rely on the support of your partner in order to create a peaceful, respectful and loving environment.
    • What is the right setting like? Peaceful, calm, clean, pleasant, without smoke, minimal noise, etc.
    • The baby needs a variety of care on demand, including feedings, diaper changes, umbilical cord dressing changes, etc. Since the mother is in the midst of the recovery process, it is important for the father, family members or friends to provide assistance. Share your way of doing things and your decisions with them.
    • Delegate low-priority tasks to those around you and focus on caring for the baby.
    • You will probably notify all your family members, friends, and acquaintances when the baby is born. Welcome them, but try to space out their visits and avoid having them stress you or the baby.
    • Try to avoid constant judgments from those around you. Being a mother involves learning on a daily basis and listening to advice, but there is no need to please everyone.
    • It is important for your baby to become used to light during the day and darkness at night.
    • If the baby has an older sibling, explain in advance that there will be a new family member. Involve the sibling in the baby's arrival and care. If the age difference is small, monitor them to make sure they do not harm each other. Above all, avoid having the older sibling feel left out and assign small duties or tasks to him or her in order to minimize any jealousy, and then set aside special time for that child, such as to read a book together, etc.
    • If you have a pet, limit its access to the newborn in the beginning. Monitor its behavior and teach it that there is a new family member. For hygienic reasons, try to keep the pet from entering the baby's room. 

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