Post-delivery recovery

The recovery

After a nine-month wait accompanied by physical and psychological changes, the moment has finally arrived. The baby has been born and you will now have to adapt to each other. It may seem exhausting at first, but soon you will understand and enjoy each other. Be patient, and most importantly, take care of yourself! 

  • Care for the mother

    It is essential to care for the wound if you underwent an episiotomy or a cesarean during delivery. Clean it properly and dry it afterwards (this can be done with a hair dryer). You must also practice extreme hygiene in the genital area. Consult your doctor about proper care and recommendations, and contact him or her in the event of intense pain or bleeding.

    Begin Kegel exercises after a few weeks. These will help recover and strengthen the perianal region and tone the abdominal area. It is also recommended that you stretch your back muscles in order to reduce the joint pain that sometimes appears after pregnancy. Remember to exercise!

    Eating continues to be very important. A varied and balanced diet will help you return to your previous weight while meeting your nutritional needs for breastfeeding (if nursing).

  • New feelings and sensations

    Even the calmest individuals can feel nervous with the new situation and the responsibility of caring for a child. Mothers must also face the physical and emotional changes their bodies undergo, and they are strongly influenced by hormonal changes, sharp mood changes and feelings of melancholy and sadness. It is also distressing to constantly think about whether the baby is being cared for properly, so mothers must learn to relax. 

  • Care provided by the father

    Your role has been essential during pregnancy. You have shared emotions and concerns with your partner, and now you also have the chance to support her in the event that she feels sad or down after the delivery. Help her as much as possible and try to understand her.

    Take care of her so she can take care of the baby (without taking over her role but by finding your own). She is essential, and so are you. 

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