Emotions on edge

Psychological discomforts

Becoming pregnant is a new situation full of changes. And changes are a synonym for uncertainty. Added to all this you have the hormones, which fluctuate wildly up and down and at times may even radically change your state of mind. The best antidote is patience and optimism.

  • Emotional changes

    The increase in hormones and the process of change in the body may create states of fear and anguish. This is perfectly normal, but it is a good idea to learn to relax. Once the pregnancy is over you will be back to your old self. Try to enjoy as much as possible this unique moment in life.

  • Mental hygiene

    Mental hygiene during pregnancy is just as important as physical hygiene.Mens sana in corpore sano. Take note of these pieces of advice and keep them in mind.

    • Avoid work-related stress as much as possible.
    • Adopt a positive attitude by looking forward to this new stage in life with optimism.
    • Accept any changes that occur in your body.
    • Learn to live with this new situation, as this is essential.
    • Don't brood about possible problems and avoid situations that may make you feel anxious.
    • Learn to understand and tolerate what is happening inside you.
    • Find support in your partner and your family. This will give you a sense of security during the experience of your pregnancy.

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