And once the baby is born...then what?

Feeding the baby

Did you know that according to a number of surveys, parents tend to decide the type of food for their baby before it is born? There is no need to rush. Information is available here about the different options available for feeding your baby along with their advantages, benefits and inconveniences.

  • All international bodies involved in health and food matters, especially the World Health Organization (WHO), recommend breast milk as the ideal food for infants. This is due to the special aspects of its composition that address nutritional requirements and also provide additional components that are beneficial for the baby's growth and the maturation of its immune system. 

    In fact, the WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months. If you have any questions or would like information about other alternatives, please consult the baby's future pediatrician for advice on the matter. Choosing between breastfeeding and infant formula is one of the first decisions to be made. It should always be approached as a pleasant activity, a sign of affection and the primary care for the infant during its first stage of life. 

    Regardless of the method you choose for feeding your child after delivery, keep in mind a few important aspects:

    • If you choose breastfeeding, you will need protective discs, nursing bras, as well as blouses and nightgowns that are easy to open.
    • If you choose formula feeding, you will need a bottle with a cap and top, nipples, and most importantly, an infant formula container and measuring device. 
      • A wide array of bottles are available in different materials (plastic and glass) along with rubber or silicone nipples in a variety of shapes (e.g., anatomical, traditional, wide-mouth) and hole sizes. Consult the matter with a trusted pharmacist.
      • In the case of infant formula, medium-flow nipples are recommended because they facilitate sucking with a constant flow while avoiding choking or gagging. The ideal nipple is the one that best adapts to the baby and is accepted by him.
      • Also keep in mind the necessary items for preparation (e.g., container for boiling water), cleaning and maintenance (e.g., brushes and/or sterilizers, draining rack). Regardless of the method, it is suggested to have several burp cloths for feeding your baby...without stains! 
  • Advice and habits for feeding your baby
    • Find a peaceful and comfortable location.
    • A good position is seated with a straight back.
    • You should be comfortable and relaxed.
    • Hold your baby in your arms while supporting its head and body. The baby's head should be at the height of your shoulder.
    • Lean the bottle in such a way that the milk covers the entire nipple so the baby does not swallow large amounts of air when sucking.
    • After each feeding, help eliminate your baby's gases by placing him in certain positions for burping. This will help keep the baby at ease and also avoid regurgitation or colic resulting from accumulated air in the abdomen. 
  • Positions for burping babies
    • Hold the baby facing down in your arms (elevating the head slightly above the chest) and softly massage his back.
    • Hold the baby upright against your chest, with his head practically touching your shoulder, and softly massage or pat his back with your hand.
    • With the baby lying on your lap, hold his chest and chin with one hand (this is easier to do once the baby is able to support itself) and softly massage his back.
    • Once you have mastered the feeding process (with breast milk or infant formula), the baby's diet will be diversified with new foods, aromas, flavors and textures as of the four or six-month mark.

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