Make sure you have everything!

The Layette

Although it may seem simple, you should prepare the layette in advance because after the 38th week, the baby could be born at any time. Keep everything ready so you have all the items that will be needed during your hospital stay (for you, the baby and the father).

  • Prepare your layette with everything you will need at the hospital after the baby is born. Choose comfortable clothing made of natural fibers such as linen or cotton, and garments that are appropriate for the time of year of the birth. Below are a few indications, but you should also consult your clinic or hospital.

  • Clothing and accessories for your baby
    • Clothing (cotton or linen t-shirts, knit or wool sweaters, baby's long dresses, leggings, rompers or bodysuits, newborn outfits).
    • Socks or bootees.
    • Muslin or cotton burp cloths or bibs.
    • Sterile gauze package.
    • Umbilical bandages or girdles.
    • Diapers.
    • A changer.
    • Small towels.
    • Bath towels.
    • Swaddle blanket or receiving blanket.
    • Bag with comb and cologne. 
  • Clothing and accessories for the mother
    • Nightgowns that are loose, short, easy to wash and that open in the front.
    • Cotton bras (sized larger than usual for when your breast milk comes in).
    • Disposable protective discs.
    • Disposable cellulose or cotton maternity briefs.
    • Bath robe and towels.
    • Cotton sanitary pads (very absorbent).
    • Robe.
    • Slippers.
    • Tissues or handkerchiefs.
    • Toiletry bag.
    • Postpartum abdominal girdle.
    • Personal documents (ID card ).
    • List of contacts of the people you would like to notify of the birth.

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