The final stages

3rd trimester

The third quarter is like a long-distance race. Although your baby is growing at an amazing pace, he is yet to double his height and triple his weight. By now you might be so eager to see him that you will have the feeling that time is slowing down. But be patient. You are very close to the finishing line!

  • Week 30

    With a weight of 1.3kg and a length of 27cm from head to buttocks or 37.5cm from head to feet, the baby's activity continues relentlessly: He opens and closes his eyelids, his nails grow, the lanugo layer starts to peel away, ... Little by little he gets into position ready for birth, which is usually head-down, although some babies are more creative, others bide their time, and some get tangled up with the cord and decide on another position.

  • Week 31

    With an average of 20 gentle movements and 2 to 3 stronger movements per hour (the latter are the ones you will feel), your baby is fast becoming a small athlete. He will kick and constantly train the skills he is going to need after birth, such as the suction reflex for breastfeeding. His organism is also preparing for birth: It becomes plumper and accumulates fat, his bones harden, although his skull remains flexible and soft, and his skin smoothes out. His measurements now reach the figures of 27.5cm from head to buttocks and 38.8cm stretched out, with a weight of one and a half kilos.

  • Week 32

    With a weight of 1.7 kilos the baby continues gaining weight and accumulating fat. He measures 40cm (28cm from head to buttocks) and his five senses are active. Hair and nails continue to grow and little by little he positions himself head-down ready for birth... You will certainly feel him now more than ever!

  • Week 33

    29cm from head to buttocks, 42 cm outstretched, 1.9kg, pinkish skin, and plenty of time to dream. This is in fact the time when your baby will have his first dreams. Although he sleeps the same amount as until now, you might feel him moving less. This is because he has less space available.

  • Week 34

    30cm from head to buttocks and 43cm in total! With a weight of 2.1kg your baby has become a little person who opens his eyes when he wakes up and closes them when he falls asleep. Meanwhile, he continues to gain weight and has less space in which to move.

  • Week 35

    At this point your baby will start to receive your antibodies, which will temporarily protect him from infantile illnesses such as mumps and measles. His measurements: 31cm from head to buttocks and 44cm in total, with a weight of around 2.3kg. If the baby is a boy, the testes will have descended completely into the scrotum.

  • Week 36

    With a length of 32cm from head to buttocks or 45cm outstretched, the fetus reaches a weight of 2.5kg, but still continues to gain weight! In a short space of time his aspect resembles that of plump babies, as he accumulates over 10g of fat a day.

  • Week 37

    Let's gain some weight! His aim now is to gain weight and increase the fat reserves to regulate post-natal temperature and also in order to survive until your milk is ready. For this reason he accumulates an average of 30g a day, which is equivalent to 200g per week! Nevertheless, during the first three days of life babies lose 10% of their weight, which they then proceed to quickly recover. Your baby now has reached 33cm from head to buttocks and 47cm outstretched, and a weight of 2.7kg.

  • Week 38

    With a weight of 2.9kg and a length of 34cm from head to buttocks or 48cm outstretched, the foetus begins losing the fat layer and the lanugo which covers its skin, although some rests may still be present at birth.

  • Week 39

    Ready, steady, go! With a length of 49cm and a weight of 3.1kg, to which 200g will be added in only one week, your baby may be ready for birth at any moment. He is already in the foetal position, with knees touching his nose and thighs tightly pressing against his body. When his lungs have completely matured, the moment will have arrived.

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