The much awaited moment!


This moment you have been waiting for is also one that is full of uncertainties. But everything works out in the end, and this will be the beginning of a stage full of new feelings, experiences, and sensations. Although it is not always easy, do not let nervousness or worries overwhelm you. Enjoy every moment of the process.

  • Week 40

    By now he has spent a long time in a very reduced space and is now ready to come out. During labour you will both have to work as a team, since each will need to do their bit to move things forward.

    Even though he is very small, your baby instinctively will make specific head movements that will allow him to slowly advance through the birth canal. Each womb contraction will help him advance inch by inch until you see his head pop out with the last push. Congratulations! At last you meet your child!

  • Weeks 41-42

    If it is past your due date and your baby is still in there, your gynecologist might offer you the option of artificially inducing labour by using a drug such as oxytocin. But induction is only the trigger. Once your contractions start, all the work will be yours and your baby's. You are almost there!

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