Wave goodbye to your tummy, say hello to your baby


After 40 weeks of pregnancy, you might have a strange feeling of missing your pregnant state. After all, you have spent many days living close together with your baby, which has included sharing blood and nutrients. But now you can welcome a new stage of life. Have you been lucky enough to see your baby's face or do you still need to wait a little longer?

  • Week 40

    It is usually by week 40 when babies are born, although some are born before their due date and some after. As you can now see, neither all babies are born after the same number of days nor are all births are the same. It all depends on the woman and the circumstances, although we can safely say that there are symptoms shared by all, such as regular contractions that grow in speed and intensity, the breaking of water (the rupture of the amniotic sac). If you feel any of them, go to the hospital where you are going to have the delivery.

  • Weeks 41 and 42

    Despite any comments you might hear around you, it is not unusual for your baby not to have arrived yet. The only problem will be an increase in discomfort due to the increase of size of your tummy. If you baby insists on staying inside, your gynaecologist might induce labour by using synthetic hormones such as oxytocin. After that, all the hard labour work will be yours and your baby's.

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