Infant formula

0 - 6 months

Follow-up formula

6 - 12 months

Growing-up formula

+ 1 year

Special formula

From 1st day

Growing-up formula

The formula that allows your baby to advance firmly

Blemil plus growing up formulas are especially adapted to the digestive capacity and the nutritional requirements of your child as of the age of one year. Thanks to their advanced composition, Blemil plus growing up formulas continue supporting your child's intellectual development and strengthening the body's natural defenses.  

Supports intellectual development

  • DHA and AA
    ω-3 (DHA) and ω-6 (AA) fatty acids. These are important in the process of forming brain structures and visual acuity.
  • Carnitine
    It is essential for the development of brain structures.

Strenghtens the body's natural defenses

  • Prebiotics
    They help regulate intestinal transit and maintain healthy flora.
  • Nucleotides
    They play a key role in the development of the immune system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Blemil plus 3

Follow up milk for toddlers based on cow's milk

More than 1 year

Blemil plus 3 Fruits & Cereals

Follow up formula for toddlers based on cow's milk with fruits, 8 cereals and honey

More than 1 year

Blemil plus 4 Kids

Growing up milk for toddlers

More than 3 years