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Children's stories

Reading stories to babies from an early age helps them get used to books and encourages their desire to read. To begin with, their favourites will be books in b ...

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Table manners

Children are usually very restless, get easily bored at the dinning table and don't know what they should and shouldn't do. However, no one is born with this kn ...

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Sibling jealousy

The arrival of a new sibling or rivalry between children is the cause of jealousy that often makes a child misbehave or feel out of place or less loved.

Sibling ...

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At Laboratorios Ordesa we provide a wide range of high quality products to satisfy the needs of infants and babies. From here you can find the product that better suits the age, stage and characteristics of your baby and find the flavor and texture with which you will certainly make him happy. Bon appétit!