Blevit plus 8 cereals with honey

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    Blevit plus 8 cereals with honey is a purée made from a balanced mixture of 8 cereals (whole wheat, brown rice, barley, rye, corn, millet, sorghum and oat) and honey, which provide a pleasant aroma and flavor, meaning the child is likely to eat it and increasing its nutritional value.

    It is enriched with milk proteins and fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which helps to regulate intestinal transit. FOS encourage the growth of healthy intestinal microbiota, rich in bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, improving digestive tract development and promoting natural defences in babies.

    Thanks to Laboratorios Ordesa's exclusive dextrinization system, Blevit plus 8 Cereales with honey is adapted to the degree of digestive maturation in babies, allowing them to better absorb the product's nutrients while also providing an optimal nutritional gain. At the same time, it allows an instant preparation, creating a smooth, homogeneous and tasty purée.

    Blevit plus 8 Cereales with honey presents high calcium, iron and 13 vitamins content, essential for a correct growth and development of the baby. It contains gluten.


    In the baby's complementary feeding from 5 months.


    Reconstitute cereal by mixing Blevit plus 8 Cereals with honey in warm water and stir carefully into a smooth mixture. Cooking is not needed. The product presents a natural and pleasant sweet flavor, thus it is not necessary adding sugar.

    Dosage: Unless otherwise indicated, it is recommended add 10 tablespoons (45 g. approx.) per 200 ml of previously boiled water.

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