Blevit S

Helps in the sleeping process

  • Features

    Blevit S is an instant tea made of soluble plant extracts (lime blossom, lemon balm and chamomile) that have been rigorously selected and controlled. Lime blossom, lemon balm and chamomile are useful for helping you get a peaceful, pleasant and refreshing sleep.

    Lime blossom has a soothing action and is one of the best remedies for calming nervous excitement.

    Lemon balm is a mild sedative and is utilised in cases of anxiety and disturbed sleep. It also has a pleasant citrus aroma.

    Chamomile also acts as a mild sedative and is extremely useful in cases of moderate insomnia and to combat low levels of nervous excitement associated with gastric dysfunction.

    Instant formula, either hot or cold.

    Blevit S is made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial aromas or sucrose.

    Blevit S is suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Thanks to its pleasant flavour it facilitates fluid intake, promoting rehydration.

  • Indications

    Blevit sleep is made from lime blossom, lemon balm and chamomile, plants that are very useful when it comes to sleep, improving its quality and helping it last longer. The properties of lime blossom, lemon balm and chamomile are very beneficial for babies, helping them sleep better and for longer. As it is safe and very well tolerated, Blevit sleep can be used by infants from their very first months of life, school children, adolescents, and adults, including pregnant women, making these plants extremely useful for helping alleviate minor discomforts typical of pregnancy, such as difficulties falling asleep.

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