Vitafos Junior

The food supplement that helps to cover the needs of energy and nutrients it needs

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    Vitafos® junior is a highly nutritional food supplement that helps meet energy and nutritional needs in cases where the diet is unable to meet those needs.

    This well-rounded formula, which is administered orally, is suitable for children aged 1 to 10 years. It may be used as the sole source of nutrition or as a supplement to the usual diet of a child.

    It has a pleasant taste and dissolves easily into water and food. It may be used to enrich vegetable purées, soups, or desserts. The calories will increase without the need to increase the quantity of food.

    A glass of Vitafos® junior contributes 260 kcal, which is approximately 13% of the recommended daily quantity, with a macronutrient calorie distribution similar to that of a recommended balanced diet. It also provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the organism, as well as prebiotics and probiotics that help regulate bowel transit and restore a healthy intestinal microbiota.

    The composition of Vitafos® junior provides:

    • An adequate energy density (1.31 kcal/ml)
    • Proteins: It is produced using 100% whey proteins which have a high biological value and are easily digestible. It is gluten-free.
    • Fats: It offers a balanced fatty-acid profile and includes 27% of its fat content in MCT form which is easily absorbed and is a source of fast energy. It is also enriched with essential ω-6 and ω-3 fatty acids and DHA, which are important for the modulation of the inflammatory processes. It is colesterol-free.
    • Carbohydrates: They provide over half the energy in the formula (53.5%), which is what nutrition experts recommend. They combine maltodextrin with sucrose, both easily absorbed and well-tolerated. It is low in lactose, which means it may be used as part of the diet for lactose-intolerant children. (Not suitable for cases of galactosemia).
    • The symbiotic effect of the prebiotic and probiotic combination creates a healthy intestinal microbiota and avoids the growth of harmful bacteria, and also contributes to the gut's homeostasis and to general health. They also stimulate the immune system, help absorb nutrients, and regulate bowel transit.
    • Vitamins and Minerals: It is enriched with a vitamin complex that helps meet the needs that are typical of childhood and adolescence. Of special significance is the content in calcium, vitamins, and antioxidant minerals, such as vitamin E, selenium, and zinc, whose presence avoids the oxidation of essential fatty acids and DHA, as well as oxidation damage.
    • They provide low osmolarity and renal solute load that help with digestive tolerance and reduce the risk of metabolic stress.

    Vitafos® Junior can be used to supplement the normal diet or as a complete diet in situations where the daily diet is not enough:

    • Failure to thrive
    • Picky eaters, no appetite or an unbalanced diet
    • Intense physical exercise
    • Lactose intolerance and/or allergic to several foods
    • In acute or chronic diseases that present with malabsorption, postsurgical recovery or cancer treatments

    To obtain 200 ml, add 4 spoons of Vitafos® junior to 160 ml of warm water and stir the contents until completely dissolved.

    Vitafos® Junior can be combined with other foods to enrich meals such as juices, smoothies, soups, desserts, etc. increasing their nutritional value.

    Unless otherwise indicated, use the following recommended dosage:

    Vitafos Junior

    Quantity per glass

    Number of glasses daily

    Approximate caloric values (Kcal)


    (14 g/66kcal)

    Water (ml)














    Available in Saudi Arabia:

    Vitafos Vanilla in 400g can (7 servings approximately). 

    Vitafos with biscuit flavour in 400g can (7 servings approximately).

    Available in EAU:

    Vitafos Vanilla in 400g can (7 servings approximately).