Let's go to the heart of Egypt

  • Preparation
    1. Mix the flour with the sugar and Vitafos®.
    2. Slowly add the cream and knead until a sticky dough is formed.
    3. Spread the dough (about 1.5 cm thick) in a baking pan.
    4. Spread the dried fruits and nuts on top and bake in an oven at 170ºC for 50 minutes.
    5. Allow it to cool and serve.
  • Nutritional remarks

    The Maskina recipe is packed with power! The dried fruits and nuts and Vitafos® provide a large amount of energy and high-quality fats. Dried fruits and nuts help us perform better throughout the day, and they are also foods with potential cardioprotective effects that help us maintain optimal levels of good and bad cholesterol.
    Not suitable for people who are gluten and/or lactose intolerant.

  • Gastronomic remarks

    This dessert is very popular in Egypt, where it can be found everywhere, and it is also easy to prepare. Children and adults will love it. Served cold and with an herbal tea, it takes us right to the heart of Egypt.